Green Welfare: bike, yoga and library

Showers for the employees-cyclers, discounted buses and zero-km shopping: the Pirelli “green” initiatives in Milan Bicocca

Green Welfare: bike, yoga and library

Have you ever cycled to work, especially in the hottest days of the summer? Indeed, sitting at a desk all sweaty for eight hours is not pleasant for yourself and for the others. How to deal with this problem? In Milan, which is particularly famous for its dusty and humid weather, the Tyre Multinational Corporation Pirelli has come up with an idea, equipping its offices in Bicocca with dressing rooms and showers. The “green” move made by the company currently directed by Marco Tronchetti Provera has been taking place for some time. Among the contributing factors were the nearby University Campus and the Local Administration project BikeMe, which Pirelli contributed to support together with other local organizations. Finally, last July, the initiative was put into action.

The showers for employees-cyclists

The showers for employees-cyclists

Covered parking for bicycles (both traditional and electric), and the possibility to take a shower and change at the premises: all this to support sustainable mobility. «To tell the truth» says Gabriella Giglio from the Pirelli Welfare Team, «the attention to our employees’ well-being and the environment has always been embedded in our DNA, since the times of our founder Leopoldo, who gave the philanthropic approach that was preserved and further developed in later times. Over the years, the idea has been realized, also thanks to MyVoice, the survey about the in-house climate, which is periodically carried out among the 1800 employees of our Milanese office.

We hear their requests
and we do the best we can
to fulfill them

Discounted tickets for buses and underground
The showers available at the arrival to work for the employees-cyclers represent just one of the many initiatives that have contributed to make Pirelli a truly environmental friendly company. We should bear in mind that the headquarters is not in the town centre, so it is easily accessible by car without incurring into too many parking problems. The offices are located in an industrial area where cars are indeed the most convenient transport. Despite this, the Tyre Multinational Corporation has encouraged its employees to use public transport, establishing a shuttle bus that connects the offices with the Bicocca underground station and the Greco Pirelli station.

«The company», explains Giglio, «pays in advance the ATM and Trenord season tickets for the employees who make the request. The tickets are sold at a reduced price according to the agreements made with the dispensing authorities. Which is the benefit of this? «The company pays the full price while the employee pays it back in instalments deducted from his/her monthly salary. This is also extended to the other family members». The true advantage, however, is the possibility to collect the tickets directly in Pirelli from a dedicated desk, thus avoiding annoying queues.

pirelliPhysical activity, a help to optimize time and the library
Mens sana in corpore sano. To those who like doing sport and think that cycling to work is not enough, the company offers pilates and yoga courses after business hours. A cure-all option for workers and employees that, according to Giglio, was very well received. Finally, for a healthy body and mind, proper food is needed, hence the idea of doing shopping through a dedicated online service to buy zero-Km, organic products. At the moment, fresh fruits and vegetables are not available because «it is complicated to organize the cold chain», explains Giglio. However, a variety of high quality stored food is available for purchase, at discounted prices for the Pirelli’s employees.

«About three years ago, we established a company concierge», keeps on Giglio. What do you mean? «A true house-steward who helps the colleagues to carry on various works such as postal practices, laundry, shoe repairs or the online shopping». «This help works at lunch time in a special place called People care». It allows people to get things done avoiding queues and waste of time, and it is particularly useful for those who have families and children.

pirelli 2The welfare initiatives launched by Pirelli are numerous, including a clinic with 12 specialist doctors available to anyone free of charge, Intercultural scholarships, summers camps for children and «working parents» course for new mums and dads. «I would also like to mention the newly-opened library at the Pirelli Industrial Centre in Settimo Torinese, set up in collaboration with the Turin Administration alongside the project Archimede fuori di sè (Archimede out of his mind), and run by the company club», concludes Giglio. This is not a small project: 110 thousand volumes, 220 magazines, 14 newspapers, DVDs, CDs and much more. In October, coinciding with the campaign Io leggo perché (I read because), even the offices in Bicocca and Bollate will have their own library.

(translation by Cecilia Braghin)


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