Professional, more competitive in order to direct careers

The employment data collected by the Meos survey urge to focus on quality. The ManpowerGroup responds promoting a new project

Professional, more competitive in order to direct careers

Manpower Professional is the new program developed by the ManpowerGroup for junior professionals and new managers aiming at new career opportunities and professional education. A team of specialists will help them develop skills and abilities in order to make their profiles more competitive, manage their careers and get new opportunities within multinationals, start-ups and innovative companies. To understand the strategic importance of this program, we only have to look at the Meos data, the three-monthly survey conducted by ManpowerGroup to analyse the occupational employment projections for 2017: only 4% of the Italian companies is willing to hire people by next June.

The survey illustrates the current health condition of national and international organizations. While the figure concerning the occupational employment projections is not encouraging and the anticipation is – 2% compared to last year, the strategy recommended to job seekers is that of focussing on quality.

The objectives of Manpower Professional
Manpower Professional has been developed in this context and consists in a new business plan dedicated to searching and selecting Professionals and Junior Managers and meant for vertical industry. A team of professional recruiters manage to find the best talents operating in various sectors: Industrial, Pharma & Chemical, ICT & Telco, Fashion Retail & GDO, Banking & Financial services. Manpower Professional will provide new tailored solutions in specific contexts: volume projects and recruiting services, conducted by a dedicated team coordinated at national level, total staffing for productive factories, start-ups of selling units, recruiting and continuing selection of core profiles for clients.

Furthermore, the plan is going to offer a talent & graduate program to assess job candidates through assessment centres, communication campaigns, employer branding events and activities for clients, personnel recruitment within protected categories, providing a dedicated selection path, supervised by specialized recruiters holding a good knowledge of the relevant legislation and specially trained.

Stefano Scabbio

Stefano Scabbio

Sector by sector
«There is a growing request for highly qualified profiles such as developers, sales figures and engineers – explains Stefano Scabbio, President of Mediterranean and Eastern Europe at ManpowerGroup – there are plenty of opportunities in the Fintech context, which revolutionized the finance and banking sector in the last few years». The objective of Manpower is to train qualified workers in different sectors.

The relevant sectors range from the mechanic and electronic industry to the automotive and aviation sector, up to that of Oil & Gas. The career paths will also concern fashion, retail and GDO for big multinational trademarks, leaders of large-scale consumption, prestigious fashion and luxury brands, but also the banking, insurance and finance sectors. Moreover, different opportunities will be offered in the biotechnology, pharmacy, health, medicine, biomedicine, chemistry, cosmetics and wellness sectors, for IT engineers, programmers and web developers.

The new Brand offers a variety of services such as career development consulting to best enhance people’s professional profiles, assessments to test and evaluate personal skills, eLearning and innovative education to “keep up” with the future.

A question of soft skills
The main issue is once again the soft skills. In Italy, in particular, the most-demanded skills by employers are problem solving, regarded as essential by 71% of the companies, collaborative approach, vital for 61% of the companies, and focus on results, crucial for 59% of the companies. In this respect, Manpower Professional invests not only on traditional consulting but also on digital technology through e-learning education and a series of tests to assess skills.

Technological and demographic factors
are effecting
traditional business models

«Workers’ skills are bound to follow this line of development», carries on Scabbio. It is not surprising that one of the most demanded profile is that of the Cybersecurity specialist, in charge of the company data protection, the Cloud architect, trained on the management of information technologies supporting business strategies, and the Investment Manager supporting negotiations of M&A and Private Equity projects.

The key role of digital technology
Manpower holds the view that helping candidates acquire an understanding of the job market is a good strategy to safeguard employability in times of economic crisis. The Meos survey is particularly useful in this respect. By comparing the various sectors, it appears that digital technology strongly effects professional opportunities. This is particularly true in the insurance and finance sectors, where a 5% increase of personnel is expected.

This positive trend results from the investments on innovation projects made by banks and insurance companies and the growth of Fintech, which requires workers specialized in data analysis and user experience. Significantly, the finance sector represents an exception, going against the general trend showing a reduction of employees in five industrial sectors out of ten. The black sheep is the mineral and mining compartment, for which the foreseen employment projections are -15%.

The survey also highlights that applying for a job in large companies provides better chances of being employed. Organizations holding 250 or more employees foresee an 8% increase of personnel by June, while middle-size companies expect a 2%. By contrast, small-size organizations have difficulties and are facing an employment impasse; the companies employing less than 10 people also have negative projections (-2%).

In order to apply for a job in the best possible way, it is essential to work on soft skills, get updated and become aware of your own means. Despite the intrinsic economic difficulties, the added value of a profile or cv lies in the timing: we should learn how to present ourselves in the best way and at the right time.

(translation by Cecilia Braghin)


Diana Cavalcoli

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