This life

Studying the reality we live in and riding on evolution: why the path to Education 4.0 is already open

This life

I read that Steve Job’s children are more familiar with pen and paper rather than the iPad. And that in Finland, the European country holding the most digitized school system, the students have recently shown a fall in performance in comprehension texts, while they used to get the highest scores worldwide in the past.

Are we sure we are relying on the right education systems? This is the first question that all people involved in training future professionals should ask themselves. On the other side, if 16-years-old young men open schools of robotics for 6-years-old children or mentor managers who have passed their fifties, the path to Education 4.0 is truly open.

However, are we really ready to ride the wave of evolution? Shouldn’t we first learn how to properly carry out the tasks we already know? Above all, shouldn’t we first analyse properly the context we start from? I think we should deepen our knowledge of what we have learned so far, read more, study the world around us, live and understand the reality we live in and listen to real life before going for the digital one.

Have you ever interviewed a drone-driver? Are you really capable of using all the Apps on your smartphone? Do you know how craftsmen’s work has changed? And how about lawyers, who now have to deal with the rules (or the lack of rules) connected to the web? Have you ever spoken to a robot? Or to an astronaut? So, let’s try to start again from here, from what we have today. From our present life.


Serena Scarpello

Serena Scarpello Esperta di Media e di Digital Pr, Direttrice Responsabile del magazine di cultura del lavoro LINC per il Gruppo Manpower. È stata conduttrice televisiva per il canale finanziario di SKY Class CNBC. Si è laureata presso l’Università LUISS Guido Carli in Relazioni Internazionali e specializzata in Comunicazione Economica, Politica e Istituzionale. Ha studiato a Madrid e a Bruxelles, e lavorato per la Farnesina. Giornalista pubblicista e docente di brand journalism e storytelling, nel tempo libero organizza presentazioni letterarie. Autrice del libro d'inchiesta "Comunicare meno, Comunicare meglio", Edizione Guerini.

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