Learnability: the compass in the labour market 4.0

At the time of the Skill Revolution, continuing education needs to focus on sectors experiencing talent shortage

Learnability: the compass in the labour market 4.0

The latest statistics from the European Commission reveal that Italy is lagging behind in the ranking of young NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training): one out of five (19,9%) doesn’t attend school, doesn’t work and doesn’t follow any training program. It is the highest figure registered across the 28 European countries according to the Brussels Report, almost double the average figure equal to 11,5%.

If we look more in detail at the individuals within the NEET category, we see that part of them are graduate students, who are potentially more employable but often have to wait 36 months (or even more if they hold a social sciences degree) to get employed.

Stefano Scabbio

Stefano Scabbio

Continuing education
It is essential to understand better the world of NEET in order to figure out where and how to operate. Today the life cycle of skills has become shorter than ever and the change is happening on an unprecedented scale. At the time of the Skill Revolution – the revolution of skills caused by the Fourth Industrial Revolution – we cannot overlook continuing education, which has to focus on sectors experiencing talent shortage in Italy despite having an urgent need for young talents ready to face new challenges.

Learnability, namely the ability to keep up-to-date, to invest in one’s education and adapt one’s skill set to remain employable throughout the working life, becomes a crucial asset to be more attractive and fit for the needs of the labour market. At ManPower, we encourage everyone to invest in their learnability, which we consider as a new exchange money, the most valuable raw material.

The projects about learnability
For this reason, we devoted an international internet site to this subject and developed a free test www.learnability.com, through which everyone can try out his approach to the quest for continuing education. There is also a series of on line and off line training activities aimed at different targets of users inside our company, ranging from the development of soft and digital skills through the free on line platform PowerYou Digital (see the article) to class trainings –also free – aimed at training specific professional figures such as Young Talent in Action.

Among the vertical high-education offers, MotorSport Academy is worth mentioning, which has been focussing on training motorsport professionals for the last three years. The Experis Tech Academy holds specialized training paths fit for the needs of the labour market and designed on the grounds of the requests made by partner organizations. Examples of this are the master course in Data Analytics or that in Race Engineering. Shortly, we will launch a platform intended as a reference point during the whole professional path followed by our candidates and workers, from skill assessment to professional counselling, training and upskilling. Everything is conceived in the general understanding of learnability.

(Translated by Cecilia Braghin)


Stefano Scabbio Presidente Area Mediterranea, Europa del Nord e Orientale di ManpowerGroup e membro del Comitato esecutivo BAA dell’Università Bocconi con delega all’International Employability. Dal 2014 è alla presidenza di Assolavoro, l'Associazione Nazionale di Categoria delle Agenzie per il Lavoro (ApL)