We are going to eat panettone made into pills

A time travel accompanied by the Spirits of Christmas: from playing bingo to dictating articles to robots

We are going to eat panettone made into pills

If, on Christmas Eve, the Spirit of Christmas Past came to see me and took me back to 1998, I would see myself seated at my high school desk together with my classmates, exchanging small hand-made gifts and making arrangements for a family bingo or a trip to the mountain.

If, afterwards, the Spirit of Christmas Present allowed me to have an overview of 2018, I would probably see myself seated on a train, writing this article on my iPad, planning the next presentation of my book, answering emails and frantically sending Christmas cards to all my book addresses… in order to leave some time free to do something else.

If, in the end, the Spirit of Christmas Yet-To-Come accompanied me to 2038, I could see myself in a temporary house, anywhere in the world, dictating an article to a robot while eating a panettone made into pills. Or even listening to the podcast of a novel, possibly the novel by Charles Dickens talking about the Spirits of Christmas and redefining the role of man in time…

(Translated by Cecilia Braghin)


Serena Scarpello

Serena Scarpello È stata conduttrice televisiva per il canale finanziario di SKY Class CNBC. Si è laureata presso l’Università LUISS Guido Carli in Relazioni Internazionali e specializzata in Comunicazione Economica, Politica e Istituzionale. Ha studiato a Madrid e a Bruxelles. Giornalista professionista e docente di brand journalism, nel tempo libero organizza presentazioni letterarie. Nel 2017 ha pubblicato il libro d’inchiesta "Comunicare meno, Comunicare meglio” (Ed. Guerini).