Happy Non-Birthday to Linc

Timeless and borderless, the magazine turns ten and celebrates with a special issue

Right now I am in Indonesia, writing the preface for this special issue of LINC from a co-working and co- living location called “Roam”, where every month – in Bali, Miami, London and Tokyo – people of all ages and nationalities show up, choosing to work indefinitely from places different from usual. As the website says: “A new way of living. Join interesting people in interesting places – for a week or a lifetime”. This is the new world of flexible work resulting from digital transformation. LINC magazine has been “timeless and borderless” since it was born in paper format in 2008. Put more fashionably, a “co-writing” experiment. With authors spread across editorial offices – in addition to contributions from the company that founded and still publishes the magazine – who for years have been meeting up to discuss the shared topic, despite working at a distance, from anywhere at any time.

Over the past decade, this virtual editorial team has expanded to other editors, offices, bookshops, bars (that resemble houses), hotel rooms, PR agencies, publishing houses, universities and countries, where meetings have become pleasant get-togethers, an exception to the rule of sharing ideas, photos, titles and illustrations online. From a simple container, LINC has itself become exemplary of a new way of working – without geographical or time constraints – anticipating trends and sharing projects, dreams, reforms, opportunities and risks through the voices of entrepreneurs, ministers, young talents, writers, journalists and artists. A widespread workshop of knowledge that is always open and addressed to everyone celebrating these first 10 years of “work in progress”, while looking curiously towards the future.


Serena Scarpello

Serena Scarpello Direttrice Responsabile del magazine di cultura del lavoro LINC per il Gruppo Manpower, responsabile dei progetti editoriali nel gruppo di comunicazione HAVAS PR. È stata conduttrice televisiva per il canale finanziario di SKY Class CNBC. Si è laureata presso l’Università LUISS Guido Carli in Relazioni Internazionali e specializzata in Comunicazione Economica, Politica e Istituzionale. Ha studiato a Madrid e a Bruxelles. Giornalista professionista e docente di brand journalism, nel tempo libero organizza presentazioni letterarie. Nel 2017 ha pubblicato il libro d’inchiesta "Comunicare meno, Comunicare meglio” (Ed. Guerini).