Assessment Lab is here to combine talent and automation

The new ManpowerGroup tool to help workers adapt to Industry 4.0

Robot or no robot? The debate hasn’t abated even though it’s 2019. Automation processes adopted by companies cannot be stopped and new working methods are increasingly advancing. The main concern is robots replacing people. But ManpowerGroup’s Assessment Lab, which helps to identify the right resources to face the changes imposed by Industry 4.0, is here to save workers. The new tool was presented by the CEO Riccardo Barberis in the magnificent Villa Necchi in Milan, and at the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome. “Technological innovation is, above all, a human revolution, therefore the search for people is an issue that has become a scientific one. Assessment Lab allows us to cross-check people’s skills with job opportunities. We know that by using scientific methods the probability of choosing the right person for the right position goes from 50% to 80%”, said Barberis. The CEO underlined another important point in this employment shift: “Our sector delivers over 200 million training programs, half of which is in the digital field. The real challenge for tomorrow’s labour market is training”. Psychologists and labour experts are leading Assessment Lab to combine hard skills and soft skills through personalised assessment processes.

There was also talk of ‘Humans wanted: robots need you’, research conducted by the ManpowerGroup presented in Davos as part of the World Economic Forum: “Our research on over 20,000 companies in 44 countries indicates that over 90% of companies do not expect to decrease their workforce due to automation, rather they want to keep it at the same level or increase it. The real issue is not whether robots will replace people, but what skills are needed”, stated Barberis. There was a large turn-out of guests at the two-day launch, including Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, ManpowerGroup Chief Talent Scientist, Giampaolo Grossi, Starbucks Italy Srl General Manager, Bruno Lepri and Raffaella Temporiti from Accenture, Alessandro Bugiardini from OPBG, Pierluigi Palmigiani from the Acea Group and others. Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was particularly illuminating. A study presented by Executive Coach Paolo Gallo, author of the bestseller “La bussola del Successo” (The Compass of Success) and former WEF Director of HR and contributor to LINC Magazine. The report explains that people’s average age has risen so much that their life expectancy now exceeds 90 years while in the past it was around 75. For this reason, people’s years of work have increased and new technologies require constant learning that no longer stops at school age. Block life, where one first study and then work, no longer exists: hence, the need to continue to undergo training. In the past, of five available job positions there were six candidates with the appropriate skills. Now the ratio is one to one, with the difference that the candidate does not have the necessary skills to get the job. We must not fear progress and digitization, the key is to understand how to combine talent with automation and ManpowerGroup provides all the tools to do so.


Carmen La Gatta

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