Paolo Gallo: “The leaders of the future must have values and integrity”

The bestselling author illustrates the future of work during a meeting organised by ManpowerGroup

He jokes, smiles, but above all he illuminates. He talks about his ideas, his experiences and his philosophy of life. And it is precisely this that is most striking about Paolo Gallo: the way in which he manages to convey the passion for what he does and his love of people. His altruism is rare today. You can see it in his eyes and speeches. Interviewed by Serena Scarpello, at the ManpowerGroup Auditorium during an event organised by Right Management, reflections were made on the present and the future of work, technology and humanity, beginning with the international bestseller written by Paolo Gallo ‘The Compass and The Radar’. A round table discussion was also held with prominent speakers: Antonio Andreotti, Personnel, Organisation and Information Systems Director for Iren SpA, Enrico Sassoon, Editor in Chief at Harvard Business Review and Steve Trow, CFO – HR Director of Hermès. Speakers also included Riccardo Barberis, CEO of Manpower Group Italy, Barbera de Graaf, SVP Sales Right Management Europe, Giampaolo Grossi, General Manager Starbucks Reserve Roastery Italy, and Valeria Cagnina, Co-Founder of OFpassiON.

Paolo’s career speaks for itself: HR director of the World Economic Forum in Geneva, he has held senior positions at the World Bank, Citigroup, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and International Finance Corporation of Washington. The radar is the ability to understand what we are facing and the ability to see the mega-trends of the future that we do not perceive at this time. The compass helps you understand how to orient yourself in all this with integrity, passion and strong values.”There are four questions we need to answer: what is different compared to the past? What will be the changes in the labour market that will affect us? What skills will have to be developed? What kind of leaders do we need to tackle all this?”, said Paolo.”What is happening is changing us as human beings. We can talk about four waves: the first is the use of internet that has changed our life, the second is Business AI (which exploits artificial intelligence), the third is Perception AI, that is, the difference between our real life and the virtual one. The last is Autonomous AI, when artificial intelligence will take over and control all those things that have always been done by us. When human intelligence meets artificial intelligence, everything changes completely”.

How is the world of work changing?

“For Millennials the values are different from previous generations. By 2030 there will be more people in the Gig Economy than employees in companies”.

What does looking for work mean?

“The concern is whether robots will take the place of human beings in the jobs of the future. According to a 2013 study by the World Economic Forum, 47% of jobs are at risk of automation. Another study states that in the future there will be 133 million jobs created and 75 million jobs destroyed. But the new jobs will require different skills than in the past. In 2018, the ratio between job seekers and demand is 1 to 1. It seems like the perfect situation, but they cannot be employed because they do not have the necessary skills to fill the available jobs. Another important change is the life expectancy that has now been extended to 90 years. We no longer have a life split up into three blocks (study, work and retirement), but there is continuous training and learning because even the years in which people are employed last longer. You can start by doing a job and change many over the course of your life”.

What skills will be needed?

“Skills must be thought of as a machine, which is why we must continually invest in training people. In the future, more humane skills will be awarded. In the past the problems were complicated and therefore technical skills were needed, now they are complex and collaboration is fundamental”.

What will future leaders be like?

“We need a leader who has strong values and integrity. Leadership is remembering ‘What do you stand for?’”.The compass of Paolo Gallo’s success is “Remember what I love doing, learn every day and help people”.


Carmen La Gatta

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